IMG_1693Here you will find Belize Land Application forms that you can download. Please note that these documents are to be printed on both sides of a legal size page and notarized when signing. Notarized copy of passport or Belize Social Security Card and supporting documents will be required for submissions. Submissions are required to be done in person by the landowner or an authorized person.


These forms are available at local land offices.

Application for Transfer of Land

Application to L ease

Application for Certified Copy

Application for First Registration

Application for Transfer of Lease

Application for Transfer of Title

Application for Subdividing or Combining

Declaration of Identity


Recent Comments

  1. sandragrant

    Hi Kendra, at this time the Department is not issuing a special form for first time land owners.

    According to the Minister, first time land owners can apply and the Department will locate a piece of land. However, you may get better results by finding an available piece and going in with the map in hand. The map will be checked to confirm that the land is available and if so your application will be accepted.

  2. Kendra Timmons

    Which form is for first time land owner?

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