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As the population of Belize grows, more Belize land parcels will be divided into lots for housing and other reasons. Sharing of land among heirs or selling a portion of the land requires subdividing the property. While gentlemen agreement are sometimes made between buyers and sellers or among family members, these agreements have little to no worth. Properly documenting the transfer is the only way to ensure full control of the asset and an instrument that can stand in any situation.

Request for permission to subdivide and approval from the Lands Departmen are required for Belize land division or combining. A sketch of the proposed subdivision or combination along with relevant paper work is submitted to the Land Utilization Authority in the Ministry of Natural Resources for permission to subdivide/combine. If the design meets all the requirement and is approved, the department grants permission to survey and the resulting parcels registered.

We can help with a proposed design and application for permission to survey. An environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is require for subdivisions that cover large areas or can have negative effects on natural resources. The EIA report is submitted to the Ministry of Environment for its approval.

We can also assist with other needs in implementing your dream. 





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