Misty Meadow Farms is offering affordable Belize real estate with ample space for a home in the spectacular setting of the Maya Mountain Range. This is a place where one can enjoy spectacular sunsets,rainforest scenes.  and serenity. A belize real estate choice that one would not regret if buying inland


Nestled in the rainforest just outside of San Ignacio Town, this serene 52 acres Belize real estate development offers privacy, tranquility and a wonderful place to enjoy nature's beauty. Just outside of town allows for a rural setting with all amenities of an urban settlement. Here there are no limits in creating a comfortable lifestyle that can involve living off the land and connecting with nature.  Water, electricity, telephone and internet are available.  Public services and schools up to university level are located in downtown San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Guatemalan is only a few miles away making it easy for a quick visit to shop or whatever.

As Belize's premier adventure and eco-activity region, the Cayo District is covered with rainforest jungle, rivers, waterfalls, azure pools and Maya ruins. For some serenity may be enough but the adventurous can have a lifetime of exploring the past and nature. Local restaurants and tourist attractions in town would also be a great pastime for those who want to mingle..

This inland location offers much more protection from hurricanes than living on the low lying coastal areas. Storms are usually weakened from passing over the land and Cayo is far enough inland to get less from the storms that do make it to Belize. Flooding is often a problem for some along along major rivers but Misty Meadow Farms is located on high flat ground where flooding is never a problem.

With only a few lots available in the development, privacy can be expected. Noise and disturbance will only come from the almost 600 species of birds and other wildlife that make living in the surrounding rainforest. 

Price: 1 acre lots starting at $25,000 USD & 5 acres lots starting at $60,000 USD

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