Price : $35,000USD

Located adjacent to Chunox, a quiet fishing village inthe Corozal district, this Belize real estate is perfect for a sustainable retreat or quiet getaway. At present the nearest home is 1/2 mile down the road at a distance that makes connecting to the electricity grid an option. The village has a municipal water system that can be source but a private well or purification system would offer more independence. A public road runs to the river and electricity is expected to expand along this road.

The property is located on a river that connects Progresso Lagoon to Laguna Seca about 7 miles apart. The property is at about 2 blocks from Laguna Seca which empties into the Caribbean Sea in the Bay of Chetumal. An oddity in nature, the river flows both ways the direction changing with the tide. The river's motion may be unusual but serenity and good soil make this deal a good catch.  Just outside of village offers privacy with human interaction just down the road for socialize or farm hands.

The 9.4 acres is divided roughly into thirds with three acres maintained in a park like setting. Near the water is an area tiff lawn perfect for a putting green, further back from the water Bermuda grass and mature Bullet trees dotting the rest. Trails & open areas allow navigating around. The property is bounded of the east and south by government roads. An ancient Mayan community has been located along the river towards the Progresso Lagoon at about 2 miles from the property.

While this property is perfect for someone who is ready for a homestead in paradise, it has great potential for a retreat or bed & breakfast where guests can get to work on their golfing, explore nature and ancient history or just relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. Priced for a quick sale, this property can easily be a dream come true and money maker.

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