Conveyance or Deed

IMG_5577Conveyances, deeds and land titles are commonly used as Belize land document to certify ownership of properties in Belize. Land in areas that are not yet declared under the Registered Land Act are held mostly with conveyances as they pass from seller to buyer or benefactor to beneficiaries. In areas that are declared, a First Registration Certificate is issued and this can be transfered easily with a Transfer Certificate Title (TCT).

A conveyance or deed for land in undeclared area can be converted to a First Certificate Title (FCT) which can be transfer with a TCT, making the transaction more efficient and buyers have more confidence in the land ownership instrument. Obtaining an FCT requires some effort and patience but it will ensure that your property is properly noted in the Belize Land Registry. As long as lending institution continue to accept conveyances and there are buyers who have enough faith to accept this type of document for a transfer at the Belize Lands Department, conveyances and deeds will have roles.



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